North Africa Iron and Steel Summit

Thursday, December 7

08:00 Registration Opens

09:00 Chairperson's opening remarks

Alistair Ramsay, Research Manager, Metal Bulletin Research

09:10 Keynote: Egypt steel outlook

  •  How is the economic reform in Egypt progressing and what is the impact on the steel market?
  •  What is the effect of the introduction of floating exchange rate regime on the consuming sectors and has the consumption pattern changed?
  •  What are the key demand drivers for steel in terms of project portfolio?
  •  How have imports been effected by the provisional AD tariffs introduced this year?
  •  What is the market outlook through 2020?

George Matta, Chief Marketing Officer, EZZ Steel

09:40 Morocco focus

  •  An overview of new projects and opportunities in Morocco
  •  Where is the Moroccan steel industry heading?
  •  What is Morocco’s net consumption of steel and is domestic production enough to meet demand?

Amar Drissi, CEO, Maghreb Steel

10:10 Algeria focus

  •  What are the key exciting opportunities in the Algerian steel industry? Are there opportunities for investment?
  •  How much steel is being consumed in Algeria? Does domestic supply meet demand?
  •  Are there plans for any new projects beyond current new mills being built?

10:40 Networking refreshment break

11:25 Libya focus

  •  Are there plans for development and regeneration projects?
  •  What volume and kind of steel consumption can be expected? Is investment capital for new projects in place?
  •  How is the government working to create an environment of prosperity in Libya?

Alhussein Salem Eljamel, Member of the Board of Directors, LISCO LIBYA

11:55 Q and A

Alhussein Salem Eljamel, Member of the Board of Directors, LISCO LIBYA

Amar Drissi, CEO, Maghreb Steel

George Matta, Chief Marketing Officer, EZZ Steel

12:30 Networking lunch

14:00 North Africa project outlook

  •  Projects driving the North African market
  •  What are the key growth areas for new projects in the region?
  •  An overview of forecasted project development over the next 5-10 years
  •  Impact of geopolitics on the project market

Richard Thompson, Editorial Director, MEED

14:30 Anti-dumping update from Egypt

  •  What are the Egyptian government’s plans for anti-dumping measures? Have decisions been made? What do they mean?
  •  How will this impact each part of the steel supply chain?
  •  Are there plans for any new projects beyond current new mills being built?

Ibrahim El-Siginy, Head of the Anti-dumping Authority, The Egyptian Ministry of Trade & Industry

15:00 Networking refreshment break

15:20 Iron ore supply to North Africa

  •  An overview of CIS imports into the region
  •  What is going on with prices? Will things stabilise after having spiralled out of control?
  •  How are procurement strategies shaped around global markets? How can exposure be reduced?

15:50 Economic and political outlook

  •  Are we seeing a wave of stability in the region? What are the key political issues to look out for?
  •  What factors should be considered when considering doing business with North African companies?
  •  How are antidumping issues likely to impact the steel industry?

16:20 End of summit


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