About Us

Our Mission
To bring like-minded people together to share ideas and grow their networks.

Our Mission

To bring like minded people together to share ideas and grow their networks.

At Metal Bulletin Events, we are driven by bringing the global ferrous and non-ferrous metals communities together. We want our delegates to leave our events with more than they started with, whether that’s a new contact, insight from one of our speakers, or the chance to share their ideas with fellow industry professionals. 
We’ve been connecting the global ferrous and non-ferrous metals communities for more than three decades, attracting expert speakers and a network of like-minded people from around the world every year. 


David Monaghan
Managing Director
Sian Jones
Portfolio Director
Charlie Shelley-Smith
Head of Sponsorship
Matt Ackroyd
Head of Marketing
Andreas Stocker
Head of Logistics


Ben Graham
Senior Programme Manager
Hannah Torné
Senior Programme Manager
Alex Dyrberg
Programme Manager
Lexie Joon
Programme Manager
Matthew Welch
Programme Manager
Oliver Bufton
Sales Manager
Anete Strautmane
Sales Manager
Orsolya Bikkes
Head of Insight
Camilla Bass
Marketing Manager - Content & Social
Joe Tipson
Marketing Manager - Digital & Optimisation
Yan Hristov
Senior Marketing Manager - Product
Jodie Bettison
Marketing Manager - Product
Ed Thatcher
Marketing Manager - Product
Flora Shadbolt
Marketing Executive - Product
Samantha Creasey
Event Manager
Dan Greenwood
Event Manager
Natalie Jones
Event Manager
Cristiane Picoli
Event Manager
Beatrix Becsei
Customer Service Manager
Houda Boudine
Customer Service Manager
Andrew Becoedsway
Customer Service Manager
Samantha Persson
Office Manager


Steve Brown
Head of Delegate Sales
Pia Navarro
Customer Service Manager